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Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland

Air traffic control is the core activity of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands – LVNL.
In the Aviation Act this and all other tasks of LVNL have been laid down. Among them are modernizing and managing technical systems, giving aeronautical information, catering for air traffic control training and providing aviation charts and publications. In short, LVNL is responsible for the control of civil airspace and everything related. We have been doing this since 1923 and since 1993 as an Independent Administrative Body (ZBO). LVNL conforms to the Code of Good Governance for Implementing organizations.

As an Independent Administrative Body they provide air traffic control by order of the Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. They report to the minister on performances and policy. Besides, they closely cooperate with the Ministry of Defence, administrator of the military airspace. For civil aviation matters LVNL is the link between the government and all other parties involved in air traffic control. Together with all parties involved they try to perform air traffic control as well as possible, with a balance between safety, efficiency and environment, and focussing on quality. LVNL is the first Air Traffic Management (ATM) provider with a Quality and Safety Management System to meet the ISO 9001 standard.

LVNL founds the organization of its services on a dialogue with all stakeholders, always seeking the optimum balance between – sometimes even conflicting – interests and demands. Aiming for result is the key: creating an added value with a favourable costs/benefits relation for the stakeholder.

LVNL wants to operate as an independent, authoritative, professional service provider within the aviation sector. Besides, we give a clear substantiation on our position in the complexity of stakeholder demands. Demands pertaining to safety, capacity and environment. A company that openly accounts of its achievements. From this position LVNL works on its future in a rapidly changing world .

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