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Modelling multi-agent systems – towards system-level optimisation
A comparison of two ontologies for agent-based modelling of energy systems overige publicaties
Abnormal Situation Management in a Refinery Supply Chain Supported by Agent-based Simulation artikel vakblad
Agent-based decision support for failure-prone networked infrastructures artikel vakblad
Agent-based modeling for disruption management in industrial networks and supply chains artikel vakblad
Benchmarking numerical and agent-based models of an oil refinery supply chain artikel vakblad
Capturing socio-technical systems with agent-based modelling proefschrift
Challenges for process system engineering in infrastructure operation and control artikel vakblad
Coupling Agent-Based Models of Natural Gas and Electricity Markets artikel vakblad
Critical evaluation of paradigms for modelling supply chains artikel vakblad
Model Factory for Socio-Technical Infrastructure Systems. In: Intelligent Infrastructures hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Modelling an Electricity Infrastructure as a Multi-Agent System –– Lessons Learnt from Manufacturing Control overige publicaties
Nuances of benchmarking agent-based and equation-based models of an oil refinery supply chain artikel vakblad
Re-use of an ontology for modelling urban energy systems artikel vakblad
Understanding and shaping the evolution of sustainable large-scale socio-technical systems towards a framework for action oriented industrial ecology hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek

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