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Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Techniek, Bestuur en Management
Asset management frameworks, methods and tools for the Drinking Water division of Waternet
Asset Management Platform
Cooperation in socio-technical systems as a response to uncertainty in energy supply
Cross-national benchmark of network-bound infrastructures: Performance Indicators and Innovative Contract Arrangements
De ontwikkeling en verduurzaming van een synthesegasinfrastructuur
Design of flexible and reliable infrastructure systems
Dynamic contracting in infrastructures
Transition Towards A Greener Energy System
Uncertainty and flexibility on infrastructures systems towards a synthesis
Towards an asset management framework of asset characteristics, asset environment, lifecycle phases, and management artikel vakblad
An Evaluation of The Pugh Controlled Convergence Method artikel vakblad
Asset Management for Infrastructures in Fast Developing Countries artikel vakblad
Buying real options – Valuing uncertainty in infrastructure planning artikel vakblad
Changing the Rules of the Game to Influence the Diffusion of Alternative Fuels artikel vakblad
Design of a Syngas Infrastructure artikel vakblad
Designing Complex Systems, A Contradiction in Terms artikel vakblad
Designing Infrastructures Using a Complex Systems Perspective artikel vakblad
Designing Socio-Technical Systems artikel vakblad
Information use in Dutch sewer asset management artikel vakblad
Integration of societal outage cost into infrastructure design and maintenance optimisation artikel vakblad
Long term infrastructure risk management: problems in the use of the net present value criterion overige publicaties
Modeling interdependencies in electricity infrastructure risk. artikel vakblad
Multi-fuel Syngas Infrastructures in Seaports artikel vakblad
Options for real options - Dealing with uncertainty in investment decisions for electricity networks artikel vakblad
Recycling industrial waste heat for sustainable district heating: a multi-actor perspective artikel vakblad
Research in engineering design: the role of mathematical theory and empirical evidence hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Road Roles, using Gaming Simulation as Decision Technique for Future Asset Management Practices overige publicaties
System and Actor Perspectives on Sociotechnical Systems artikel vakblad
System of Systems Perspectives on Infrastructures artikel vakblad
The impact of innovative contracting on asset management of public overige publicaties
The state of Asset Management at infrastructures in the Netherlands overige publicaties
Uncertainties in the Design and Operation of Distributed Energy Resources: The Case of Micro-CHP Systems artikel vakblad
Using Gilbert networks to reveal uncertainty in the planning of multi-user infrastructures artikel vakblad

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