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Michiel Houwing
System integration of distributed energy resources: the case of micro-CHP
Adaptive Prediction Model Accuracy in the Control of Residential Energy Resources artikel vakblad
Agent-Based Modelling Of Residential Energy Generation With Micro-CHP artikel vakblad
Balancing Wind Power with Virtual Power Plants of Micro-CHPs artikel vakblad
Demand Response With Micro-CHP Systems overige publicaties
Distributed Generation vs Bulk Power Transmission overige publicaties
Economic Advantages of Applying Model Predictive Control to Distributed Energy Resources: The Case of Micro-CHP Systems artikel vakblad
Key variables in cost-driven decisions on installing micro-CHP in households overige publicaties
Least-cost model predictive control of residential energy resources when applying mCHP overige publicaties
Model Predictive Control for Residential Energy Resources Using a Mixed-Logical Dynamic Model artikel vakblad
Model Predictive Control of Fuel Cell Micro Cogeneration Systems artikel vakblad
Modelling an Electricity Infrastructure as a Multi-Agent System –– Lessons Learnt from Manufacturing Control overige publicaties
Smart Heat and Power: Utilizing the Flexibility of Micro Cogeneration proefschrift
Socio-Technical Complexity in Energy Infrastructures - Conceptual Framework to Study the Impact of Domestic Level overige publicaties
The Value of IT for Virtual Power Plants with Micro Cogeneration Systems artikel vakblad
Uncertainties in the Design and Operation of Distributed Energy Resources: The Case of Micro-CHP Systems artikel vakblad

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