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Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Techniek, Bestuur en Management
Abnormal Situation Management in Industrial Networks and Supply Chains
Emergency evacuation and system resilience
Information Security Assurance in critical infrastructures
Kwetsbaarheid en veiligheid van intelligente distributienetwerken
Modelling multi-agent systems – towards system-level optimisation
Publishing the book intelligent infrastructures
Vehicle to Grid Technology: supporting renewable energy sources
Abnormal Situation Management in a Refinery Supply Chain Supported by Agent-based Simulation artikel vakblad
Agent based model for performance analysis of a global chemical supply chain during normal and abnormal situations overige publicaties
Agent-based decision support for failure-prone networked infrastructures artikel vakblad
Agent-based modeling for disruption management in industrial networks and supply chains artikel vakblad
Agent-based modeling to support operations management in a multi-plant enterprise artikel vakblad
An Agent-Based Model to Support Negotiation-Based Order Acceptance in a Multi-Plant Enterprise artikel vakblad
Benchmarking numerical and agent-based models of an oil refinery supply chain artikel vakblad
Challenges for process system engineering in infrastructure operation and control artikel vakblad
Critical evaluation of paradigms for modelling supply chains artikel vakblad
De regelbaarheid van elektriciteitscentrales. Een quickscan in opdracht van het ministerie van economische zaken artikel vakblad
Decentralized vs. centralized management of abnormal situations in a multi-plant enterprise using an agent-based approach artikel vakblad
Impact of privacy concerns on consumers' acceptance of smart metering in the Netherlands artikel vakblad
Improvement of the production process of leached optical fibers in a technological and organizational context artikel vakblad
Information Security Assurance in Critical Infrastructures: Smart Metering Case artikel vakblad
Information security implementation difficulties in critical infrastructures: Smart metering case overige publicaties
Integrating Information Security Requirements in Critical Infrastructures: Smart Metering Case wetenschappelijk artikel
Intelligent Infrastructures wetenschappelijk boek
Introduction in: Securing Electricity Supply in the Cyber Age. Exploring the Risks of Information and Communication Technology in Tomorrow's Electricity Infrastructure artikel vakblad
Model Factory for Socio-Technical Infrastructure Systems. In: Intelligent Infrastructures hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Modelling an Electricity Infrastructure as a Multi-Agent System –– Lessons Learnt from Manufacturing Control overige publicaties
Modelling the new balancing regime of the natural gas market in the Netherlands overige publicaties
Nuances of benchmarking agent-based and equation-based models of an oil refinery supply chain artikel vakblad
Optimization of the Operation of Infrastructures artikel vakblad
Performance Analysis of a Multi-Plant Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Enterprise using an Agent-based Model artikel vakblad
Securing Electricity Supply in the Cyber Age. Exploring the Risks of Information and Communication Technology in Tomorrow's Electricity Infrastructure artikel vakblad
Smart Metering for the Future Energy Systems artikel vakblad
System Impacts of Electric Vehicle Charging in an Evolving Market Environment overige publicaties
Tackling challenges in infrastructure operation and control: cross-sectoral learning for process and infrastructure engineers artikel vakblad
The Impact of Controlled Electric Vehicle Charging on Residential Low Voltage Networks artikel vakblad
The Operation and Evolution of Infrastructures in One Model - The Role of Agent-Based Modelling overige publicaties
The Operation and Evolution of Infrastructures: The Role of Agent-Based Modeling and Decision Making wetenschappelijk artikel
Why is intelligent technology alone not an intelligent solution? artikel vakblad

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