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De ontwikkeling en verduurzaming van een synthesegasinfrastructuur
Transitions and Transition Management in Infrastructure systems
Agent-based model of Transitions in Consumer Lighting artikel vakblad
Book review of: From System Complexity to Emergent Properties (Understanding Complex Systems) artikel vakblad
Transition in LNG Markets – Combining Agent-Based Modeling and Equation Based Modeling artikel vakblad
A methodology for agent-based modelling using institutional analysis – applied to consumer lighting artikel vakblad
A power game: simulating the long-term development of an electricity market in a competitive game artikel vakblad
Agent-Based Modeling of Energy Infrastructure Transitions overige publicaties
Agent-Based Modelling of Energy Infrastructure Transitions wetenschappelijk artikel
Agent-based simulation of carbon policies and power generation artikel vakblad
Carbon policies: do they deliver in the long run? hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Coupling Agent-Based Models of Natural Gas and Electricity Markets artikel vakblad
Enhancing Generation Adequacy in Regional Electricity Markets: the Effectiveness of the Forward Capacity Mechanism vs. the Energy-Only Approach overige publicaties
Europe's Flawed Carbon-Trading System A CO2 tax would be a more effective way to reduce emissions artikel vakblad
Model based decision support for creation and operation of sustainable infrastructure artikel vakblad
Modelling cooperation in infrastructure networks artikel vakblad
Modelling energy infrastructures: where transition theory meets agent-based modelling artikel vakblad
On the development of Agent-Based Models for infrastructure evolution overige publicaties
On the impact of CO2 emission-trading on power generation emissions artikel vakblad
Power play: simulating the interrelations between an electricity market and a CO2 market in an on-line game artikel vakblad
Simulating Energy Transitions proefschrift
Transition Management in Energy: Design and Evaluate Transitions with a Suitable Simulation Framework artikel vakblad
Transition of energy infrastructure systems: Towards a framework for assessing the system transition process artikel vakblad

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