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Balance Management in multinational power markets
A comparison of imbalance settlement designs and results of Germany and the Netherlands artikel vakblad
A qualitative analysis of main cross-border balancing arrangements overige publicaties
Analysis of the Impact of Cross-Border Balancing Arrangements for Northern Europe overige publicaties
Analysis of the impact of imbalance settlement design on market behaviour in electricity balancing markets overige publicaties
Balance Responsibility and Imbalance Settlement in Northern Europe – An Evaluation artikel vakblad
Balancing market design for a decentralized electricity system: Case of the Netherlands artikel vakblad
Considering Alternative Multinational Balancing Market Designs for Europe artikel vakblad
Coordination of timing of reserve capacity and day-ahead electricity markets artikel vakblad
Designing multinational electricity balancing markets proefschrift
Effect of Integrating Regulating Power Markets of Northern Europe on Total Balancing Costs overige publicaties
Harmonization and integration of national balancing markets in Europe - Regulatory challenges artikel vakblad
Possible Effects of Balancing Market Integration on Performance of the Individual Markets overige publicaties
The impact of microgeneration upon the Dutch balancing market artikel vakblad
Timing of Markets- the Key Variable in Design of Ancillary Service Markets for Power Reserves overige publicaties

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