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Intelligent model-based predictive control methods for flood and water
Model-based predictive control for intelligent micro-transportation systems
Model-based predictive control for intelligent water management - Towards real-life implementation
Multi-agent coordination and intelligent control of infrastructure networks
Publishing the book intelligent infrastructures
Sustainable mobility with cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems
A distributed model predictive control approach for the control of irrigation canals artikel vakblad
Challenges for process system engineering in infrastructure operation and control artikel vakblad
Distributed control applied to combined electricity and natural gas infrastructures artikel vakblad
Efficient implementation of serial multi-agent model predictive control by parallelization artikel vakblad
Hybrid model predictive control using time-instant optimization for the Rhine-Meuse Delta overige publicaties
Least-cost model predictive control of residential energy resources when applying mCHP overige publicaties
Model Predictive Control for Residential Energy Resources Using a Mixed-Logical Dynamic Model artikel vakblad
Model Predictive Control of Fuel Cell Micro Cogeneration Systems artikel vakblad
Multi-Agent Model Predictive Control For Transportation Networks: Serial versus Parallel Schemes wetenschappelijk artikel
Multi-agent model predictive control for transportation networks: Serial versus parallel schemes overige publicaties
Multi-Agent Model Predictive Control of Transportation Networks artikel vakblad
Multi-agent model predictive control: A survey artikel vakblad
Multi-area control of overlapping areas in power systems for FACTS control artikel vakblad
Supervisory hybrid model predictive control for voltage stability of power networks artikel vakblad
Switched system optimal control: An application to buck-boost converter artikel vakblad
Tackling challenges in infrastructure operation and control: cross-sectoral learning for process and infrastructure engineers artikel vakblad
Towards integrating water prediction and control technology artikel vakblad

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