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ict-rich simulation games

ICT-rich simulation games

This project aimed to cross the imaginable boundaries of the various NGInfra subprograms and projects.

Igor Mayer (projectleider)
Geertje Bekebrede

This project aimed to cross the imaginable boundaries of the various NGInfra subprograms and projects. Its main objective was to innovate research, learning and intervention methods by using highly interactive and ICT-based techniques, in particular 2/3-D animation visualization, simulation and gaming techniques. This project was based on the assumption that interactive and experimental research and learning environments can greatly enhance the production and diffusion of new insights of the NGInfra-subprograms and projects. In order to develop and validate the (intermediate) insights of the NGInfra-program, a number of NGInfra-simulation games were developed in close co-operation with interested NGInfra-partners. Simulation games are a simplification and condensation of the real system, allowing participants to experiment safely with (future) decisions and institutional designs, and reflect on the outcomes.

Havenbedrijf Rotterdam
Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Techniek, Bestuur en Management
Tygron Serious Gaming
Understanding complex networks
A gaming-simulation to teach students the interrelation of substance and decision-making in designing multi actor systems artikel vakblad
Build your seaport in a game and learn about complex systems artikel vakblad
Collaborative decision-making for sustainable urban renewal projects: a simulation-gaming approach artikel vakblad
Critical infrastructures: a review from a complex adaptive systems perspective artikel vakblad
Deregulation of utility industries and the role that simulations and games can play artikel vakblad
Experiencing complexity: a gaming approach for understanding infrastructure systems proefschrift
How serious are serious games, some lessons from Infra games artikel vakblad
Infrastructure planning and land allocation in the Port of Rotterdam: a gaming simulation approach artikel vakblad
Learning in Single- Versus Multiplayer Games: The More the Merrier? artikel vakblad
Playing apart together: Are simulation and e-learning a strong partnership? artikel vakblad
Second Maasvlakte, practice, planning and design through simulation-gaming artikel vakblad
Serious Games and 'Simulation Based E-Learning' for Infrastructure Management artikel vakblad
SimPort: a multiplayer management game framework artikel vakblad
Spelen met complexiteit: Serious Gaming voor besluitvorming over ruimtelijke infrastructuren artikel vakblad
Spelend Leren in Virtuele Werelden - Bouwstenen voor online gaming in het hoger onderwijs artikel vakblad
Strategic actor behavior and innovative regulatory regimes in network industries. What Simulation games can tell about long term effects of alternative regulatory models artikel vakblad
The INFRASTRATEGO game: An Evaluation of Strategic Behavior and Regulatory Models in a Liberalizing Electricity Market artikel vakblad
The more the merrier? Learning in single vs. multiplayer games artikel vakblad
Understanding complex infrastructure systems by playing games: Is it possible? artikel vakblad
Understanding Complex Infrastructure Systems: the Case of SimPort-MV2 artikel vakblad
Utilities deregulation and simulation artikel vakblad

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