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A Functional Legal Design for Reliable Electricity Supply. How technology affects law proefschrift
Agent-based model of Transitions in Consumer Lighting artikel vakblad
Assessment of information impacts in power system security against malicious attacks in a general framework artikel vakblad
Book review of: From System Complexity to Emergent Properties (Understanding Complex Systems) artikel vakblad
Burgers zien voordeel in marktwerking. wetenschappelijk artikel
Dynamic Resource Allocation Through Semi-Structured Adaptation overige publicaties
How to measure the success rate of fiber-based access networks. Evaluation of the Stokab case and comparison to other European cases overige publicaties
Innovative Counterarrangements to combat Strategic Behaviour. Case study: Network-based industries. overige publicaties
Robust Conceptual Design of a Residual Industrial Waste-Heat District Heating System artikel vakblad
Towards an asset management framework of asset characteristics, asset environment, lifecycle phases, and management artikel vakblad
Transition in LNG Markets – Combining Agent-Based Modeling and Equation Based Modeling artikel vakblad
Value Network Analysis for NGOA networks and its impact on costs and benefits for the different actors involved overige publicaties
'Eene Schoone Toekomst', een casestudie naar de ontwikkeling van netwerken voor gas, licht en water in Nijmegen in de periode 1850-1930. overige publicaties
'Soft' public values in jeopardy artikel vakblad
20/20 foresight: Crafting strategy in an uncertain world artikel vakblad
3D Spatial Information Structure for the Port of Rotterdam overige publicaties
3D visualization of underground pipelines: best strategies for 3D scene creation wetenschappelijk artikel
A Combined Equivalenced-Electric, Economic, and Market Representation of the Northeastern Power Coordinating Council U.S. Electric Power System artikel vakblad
A comparison of imbalance settlement designs and results of Germany and the Netherlands artikel vakblad
A comparison of two ontologies for agent-based modelling of energy systems overige publicaties
A coordination challenge among multiple regulatory objectives artikel vakblad
A Decision Making Framework and Simulator for Sustainable Electric Energy Systems overige publicaties
A distributed model predictive control approach for the control of irrigation canals artikel vakblad
A gaming-simulation to teach students the interrelation of substance and decision-making in designing multi actor systems artikel vakblad
A Hierarchical Network Model for Road Traffic Control artikel vakblad
A Market-based MAS Framework for Microgrids artikel vakblad
A Method based on Multi-models and Levels of Modeling for Design and Analysis of Complex Engineering Systems artikel vakblad
A Method for Design and Analysis of Complex Engineering Systems artikel vakblad
A Method for Developing Agent-based Models of Socio-technical Systems artikel vakblad
A methodology for agent-based modelling using institutional analysis – applied to consumer lighting artikel vakblad
A Module-based Approach to Integrating Wind Energy for Guaranteed Power System Stability artikel vakblad
A Multi-agent Distributed Architecture for Road Traffic Control artikel vakblad
A Multi-agent system for managing plug-in hybrid vehicles as primary reserve capacity in a Smart Grid. overige publicaties
A New Institutional Perspective on Environmental Issues artikel vakblad
A nodal pricing analysis of the future German electricity market artikel vakblad
A Nodal Pricing Analysis of the Future German Electricity Market artikel vakblad
A power game: simulating the long-term development of an electricity market in a competitive game artikel vakblad
A predictive traffic controller for sustainable mobility using parameterized control policies wetenschappelijk artikel
A proposal to assess transportation infrastructure projects using a complexity-informed framework artikel vakblad
A qualitative analysis of main cross-border balancing arrangements overige publicaties
A Qualitative Analysis of Periodic Maintenance of Roads: Understanding the Mechanisms in Pavement Management artikel vakblad
A quantitative analysis of London action Plan against spam overige publicaties
A real-life test bed for multi-agent monitoring of network performance wetenschappelijk artikel
A regional coordination framework for renewable energy policy in the EU artikel vakblad
A regional coordination framework for renewable energy policy in the EU artikel vakblad
A Regulatory View on Market Integration and Cross Border Congestion Management artikel vakblad
A research autobiography from an STS perspective hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
A review on travel behaviour modelling in dynamic traffic simulation models for evacuations artikel vakblad
A systemic analysis of the Dutch railway signalling system overige publicaties
A typology of stakeholder involvement in group model building artikel vakblad
A typology of strategic behaviour in PPPs for expressways: lessons from China and implications for Europe artikel vakblad
A2 Maastricht: Meerwaardecreatie door brede aanpak artikel vakblad
Aanbesteding Noord-Holland: minimale sociale eisen, vrij ontwikkelbudget. Vervoerder krijgt vrije hand binnen prOviel artikel vakblad
Aanbestedingen van openbaar vervoer in Nederland, een efficient frontier analyse overige publicaties
Abnormal Situation Management in a Refinery Supply Chain Supported by Agent-based Simulation artikel vakblad
Acceptance of ICT-Intensive Socio-Technical Infrastructure Systems: Smart Metering Case in the Netherlands overige publicaties
Acceptance-by-design. Elicitation of Social Requirements for Intelligent Infrastructures proefschrift
Acceptatie en borging nodig bij bescherming overstroming artikel vakblad
Adaptive load management (ALM) in electric power systems artikel vakblad
Adaptive port planning using Real Options artikel vakblad
Adaptive Prediction Model Accuracy in the Control of Residential Energy Resources artikel vakblad
Addressing the supply-demand gap in India’s electricity market: long and short-term policy options artikel vakblad
Aesthetic Experiences of Designed Organizational Space artikel vakblad
Agent based model for performance analysis of a global chemical supply chain during normal and abnormal situations overige publicaties
Agent Based Modeling of large-scale socio-technical metal overige publicaties
Agent-Based Control of Distributed Electricity Generation with Micro Combined Heat and Power -- Cross-Sectoral Learning for Process and Infrastructure Engineers artikel vakblad
Agent-based decision support for failure-prone networked infrastructures artikel vakblad
Agent-based modeling for disruption management in industrial networks and supply chains artikel vakblad
Agent-Based Modeling of Energy Infrastructure Transitions overige publicaties
Agent-based modeling to support operations management in a multi-plant enterprise artikel vakblad
Agent-based modelling for policy engineering wetenschappelijk artikel
Agent-Based Modelling of Energy Infrastructure Transitions wetenschappelijk artikel
Agent-Based Modelling Of Residential Energy Generation With Micro-CHP artikel vakblad
Agent-Based Modelling of Socio-Technical Systems wetenschappelijk boek
Agent-based simulation of carbon policies and power generation artikel vakblad
Aligning modes of organization with technology: Critical transactions in the reform of infrastructures artikel vakblad
Alternative Specifications of Scheduling Delay Components: The Effect of Travel Time Uncertainty and Departure Time Rescheduling artikel vakblad
An agent-based analysis of main cross-border balancing arrangements for Northern Europe artikel vakblad
An Agent-Based Infrastructure for Energy Profile Capture and Management artikel vakblad
An Agent-Based Model to Support Negotiation-Based Order Acceptance in a Multi-Plant Enterprise artikel vakblad
An Analysis of International Public Policies on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems artikel vakblad
An approach towards socially acceptable energy saving policies via monetary instruments on the smart meter infrastructure overige publicaties
An electricity market incentive game based on time-of-use tariff artikel vakblad
An Evaluation of The Pugh Controlled Convergence Method artikel vakblad
An Innovative Multi-Criteria Analysis Approach for Evaluating the Impacts of Intelligent Speed Adaptation artikel vakblad
Analysis of structural vulnerability in power transmission grid artikel vakblad
Analysis of the Impact of Cross-Border Balancing Arrangements for Northern Europe overige publicaties
Analysis of the impact of imbalance settlement design on market behaviour in electricity balancing markets overige publicaties
Analyzing the complexity of decision making in broadband network upgrading & roll out artikel vakblad
Application Integration using Semantic Web Services artikel vakblad
Application of Publish-Subscribe Middleware to Road Traffic Measurements Visualization artikel vakblad
Application of Scheduling Models for Utility Management of Process Plants and its Extension to DG Networks artikel vakblad
Applying the MAIA Methodology to Model a Manure-based Energy System artikel vakblad
Architecture-Driven Integration of Modeling Languages for the Design of Software-Intensive Systems proefschrift
Assessing Business Continuity risks in IT artikel vakblad
Assessing public values at the 'private' side of the divide. How an electricity company does it artikel vakblad
Assessing the impact of health technology assessment in the Netherlands artikel vakblad
Assessing the institutional change. Coping strategies as an operational indicator artikel vakblad
Assessing Tram Schedules Using a Library of Simulation Components overige publicaties
Assessment of structural vulnerability for power grids by network performance based on complex networks. artikel vakblad
Assessment process of the resilience potential of critical infrastructures wetenschappelijk artikel
Asset Management for dummies: Skills Development, Education and Motivation in a changing AM environment overige publicaties
Asset Management for Infrastructures in Fast Developing Countries artikel vakblad
Asset Management Frameworks for (drinking water) infrastructures around the world overige publicaties
Asset Management is a strange business artikel vakblad
Asset management maturity in public infrastructure: the case of Rijkswaterstaat artikel vakblad
Assuring high reliability of service provision in critical infrastructures artikel vakblad
At the boundaries of peer production: The organization of Internet security production in the cases of Estonia 2007 and Conficker wetenschappelijk artikel
Balance Responsibility and Imbalance Settlement in Northern Europe – An Evaluation artikel vakblad
Balancing market design for a decentralized electricity system: Case of the Netherlands artikel vakblad
Balancing market integration in the Northern European continent artikel vakblad
Balancing Wind Power with Virtual Power Plants of Micro-CHPs artikel vakblad
Behavioural Responses and Network Effects of Time-varying Road Pricing proefschrift
Belangenafweging in de praktijk artikel vakblad
Benchmark Incident Management, a comparative analysis of the incident management processes of 12 Dutch organizations overige publicaties
Benchmarking numerical and agent-based models of an oil refinery supply chain artikel vakblad
Besturen in commissie, een onderzoek naar de rol van commissies in het openbaar bestuur artikel vakblad
Bi-level optimal toll design problem solved by the inverse Stackelberg games approach. Urban Transport and the Environment in the 21st Century artikel vakblad
Bilevel optimal toll design problem solved by the inverse stackelberg games approach artikel vakblad
Brave New Open Data World? wetenschappelijk artikel
Build your seaport in a game and learn about complex systems artikel vakblad
Buying real options - valuing uncertainty in infrastructure planning artikel vakblad
Buying real options – Valuing uncertainty in infrastructure planning artikel vakblad
Can citizens self-organise an energy transition? Analysing the Political Pardoxes of Self-Organisation overige publicaties
Can Modem Homes Be an Example for Smart Homes: The History of Domestic Installations and its Implications for the Smart Home Industry. overige publicaties
Capturing socio-technical systems with agent-based modelling proefschrift
Carbon policies: do they deliver in the long run? hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Carbon-concerned economic dispatch: possible formulations and implementations overige publicaties
Centralization and Decentralization: A History of Local Radio and Television Distribution. hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Challenges for process system engineering in infrastructure operation and control artikel vakblad
Changing behavior for effective Asset Management artikel vakblad
Changing Collaborative Practices: Cultural Intervention in the Power Relationship of Public and Private Partners in Megaprojects artikel vakblad
Changing governance arrangements for flood risk management artikel vakblad
Changing the Rules of the Game to Influence the Diffusion of Alternative Fuels artikel vakblad
Characterization of complex networks: application to robustness analysis proefschrift
City planning needs new tools artikel vakblad
Clearing the road for ISA Implementation?: Applying Adaptive Policymaking for the Implementation of Intelligent Speed Adaptation proefschrift
Co-Evolutionary Process For Modelling Large Scale Socio-Technical Systems Evolution proefschrift
Coase and Copyright wetenschappelijk artikel
Collaborative decision-making for sustainable urban renewal projects: a simulation-gaming approach artikel vakblad
Common Ground, Complex Problems and Decision Making artikel vakblad
Common Platform Dilemmas: Collective Action and the Internet of Things proefschrift
Communication Overlays and Agents for Dependable Smart Power Grids artikel vakblad
Communicative tools in sustainable urban planning and building artikel vakblad
Comparison of Different Toll Policies in the Dynamic Second-best Optimal Toll Design Problem: Case study on a Three-link network artikel vakblad
Comparison of Routing Strategies for AGV Systems Using Simulation artikel vakblad
Competing public values. Coping strategies in heavily regulated utility industries. proefschrift
Competition for transparency as a carrier of competition, Transparency needs in the European wholesale electricity markets artikel vakblad
Competitive tendering in The Netherlands: Central planning vs. functional specifications overige publicaties
Complexity and Industrial Ecology; Foundations for a Transformation From Analysis to Action artikel vakblad
Complexity in multi-actor system research: towards a meta-analysis of recent studies wetenschappelijk artikel
Comprehensive models for security analysis of critical infrastructures as complex systems proefschrift
Concentrated Solar Power als onderdeel van de Europese energievoorziening, De realisatie van grootschalige zonnecentrales: mogelijkheden, obstakels en advies artikel vakblad
Condition assessment and risk management of water mains saves tens of millions of Euros? artikel vakblad
Congestion Management in Europe: Taking the Next Step artikel vakblad
Congestion management in meshed gas networks: can the electricity market serve as an example? artikel vakblad
Considering Alternative Multinational Balancing Market Designs for Europe artikel vakblad
Constructing a Data Ecosystem – an overview of available software solutions artikel vakblad
Control of a string of identical pools using non-identical feedback controllers wetenschappelijk artikel
Cooperation for aggregating complex electric power networks to ensure system observability artikel vakblad
Coordination of timing of reserve capacity and day-ahead electricity markets artikel vakblad
Coping with competing public values proefschrift
Correlating the topology of a metabolic network with its growth capacity artikel vakblad
Cost-Effectiveness of Security Measures: A Model-Based Framework hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Coupling Agent-Based Models of Natural Gas and Electricity Markets artikel vakblad
Course for China's Coal. Risks and Opportunities on Pathways to Future Images of Coal-based (Transportation Fuel) Systems in China (2030) from a Central Government Perspective artikel vakblad
Creating reliability choice: How building less reliability into electric power grids could improve the welfare of all customers artikel vakblad
Critical evaluation of paradigms for modelling supply chains artikel vakblad
Critical Infrastructures at Risk, Securing the European Electric Power System professioneel boek
Critical infrastructures: a review from a complex adaptive systems perspective artikel vakblad
Critical infrastructures: the need for international risk governance artikel vakblad
Critical infrastructures: the need for international risk governance artikel vakblad
Critical realism as a meta-framework for understanding the relationships between complexity and qualitative comparative analysis artikel vakblad
Cross Cultural Work. A study on the daily practices of collaboration in the Panama Canal Expansion Program proefschrift
Crosscultureel samenwerken in complexe projecten; Leiderschap vanuit antropologisch perspectief artikel vakblad
Cutting dark matter wetenschappelijk artikel
De Ademende Concessie. Van goed aanbesteden naar goed beheren van concessies in het openbaar vervoer artikel vakblad
De behoefte aan belevingsgerichte informatie. hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
De Binnenvaartwet: kiezen tussen het anker of het schip. Een onderzoek naar de wijze waarop publieke belangen hun beslag krijgen in de Binnenvaartwet artikel vakblad
De infrastructuur doet de grens vervagen artikel vakblad
De ingeslagen weg. Een dynamisch onderzoek naar de dynamiek van de uitbesteding van onderhoud in de civiele infrastructuur proefschrift
De juridische en praktische kaders bij het hergebruiken van digitale publieke geografische informatie hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
De Overheid als Change Agent Voor ISA artikel vakblad
De praktijk en dilemma's van onderhandelend wetgeven: Wat betekent het voor meervoudig ruimtegebruik? artikel vakblad
De regelbaarheid van elektriciteitscentrales. Een quickscan in opdracht van het ministerie van economische zaken artikel vakblad
Dealing with standardization in liberalized network industries: Some lessons from the European railway sector overige publicaties
Dealing with Uncertainties in Transport Policy Making: A New Paradigm and Approach artikel vakblad
Dealing with uncertainty in design of port infrastructure systems artikel vakblad
Decentralized vs. centralized management of abnormal situations in a multi-plant enterprise using an agent-based approach artikel vakblad
Decision Support for Control Design of Rail Infrastructure overige publicaties
Decreasing the spectral radius of a graph by link removals artikel vakblad
Deep-ISOs and Network Investment artikel vakblad
Demand Response With Micro-CHP Systems overige publicaties
Departure time distribution in the stochastic bottleneck model artikel vakblad
Deploying a pan-European railway standard in the era of liberalization: Lessons from the introduction of ERTMS in Switzerland overige publicaties
Der Einfluss von Unbundling auf Spotmarktpreise im Energiesektor artikel vakblad
Deregulation of utility industries and the role that simulations and games can play artikel vakblad
Design for privacy hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Design in socio-technical system development: Three angles in a common framework artikel vakblad
Design of a Syngas Infrastructure artikel vakblad
Designing a dynamic network based approach for asset management activities. overige publicaties
Designing Complex Systems, A Contradiction in Terms artikel vakblad
Designing Infrastructures Using a Complex Systems Perspective artikel vakblad
Designing multinational electricity balancing markets proefschrift
Designing Robust Road Networks: A general method applied to the Netherlands proefschrift
Designing Socio-Technical Systems artikel vakblad
Developing a maturity model for infrastructural asset management artikel vakblad
Developing new knowledge in collaborative relationships in megaproject alliances: organising reflection in the Dutch construction sector artikel vakblad
Developments in public transport governance in the Netherlands; a brief history and recent developments overige publicaties
Developments on the Northwestern European market for seasonal gas storage: Historical analysis and future projections artikel vakblad
Different policy objectives of the road authority in the optimal toll design problem artikel vakblad
Dispatching trains during seriously disrupted traffic situations artikel vakblad
Distributed control applied to combined electricity and natural gas infrastructures artikel vakblad
Distributed generation and the regulation of distribution networks artikel vakblad
Distributed Generation vs Bulk Power Transmission overige publicaties
Distributed tree-based model predictive control on a drainage water system wetenschappelijk artikel
Doelvoorschriften: een afwegingskader artikel vakblad
Does controlled electric vehicle charging substitute cross-border transmissioncapacity? wetenschappelijk artikel
Does liberalization increase systemic risk in the railway sector? artikel vakblad
Does the "Do-it-yourself approach" reduce digital inequality? The vicious circle of lacking digital skills and infrequent Internet use wetenschappelijk artikel
Does the demand for FTTC triggers higher usage of advanced e-business applications by SMEs? Evidence from Industrial Parks in the Netherlands overige publicaties
Dynamic bi-level optimal toll design approach for dynamic traffic networks proefschrift
Dynamic free range routing for Automated Guided Vehicles artikel vakblad
Dynamic optimal toll design problem – travel behavior analysis including departure time choice and heterogeneous users artikel vakblad
Dynamic optimal toll design problem – travel behavior analysis including departure time choice and heterogeneous users artikel vakblad
Dynamic queuing and spillback in an analytical multiclass dynamic network loading model wetenschappelijk artikel
Dynamic road pricing with traffic-flow dependent tolling artikel vakblad
Eco-transformation of industrial parks in China proefschrift
Economic Advantages of Applying Model Predictive Control to Distributed Energy Resources: The Case of Micro-CHP Systems artikel vakblad
Education about Standardization: Recent Findings artikel vakblad
Een flexibele wet voor een veranderend net overige publicaties
Een multi-disciplinair perspectief op prijsbeleid in verkeer en vervoer: MDPIT artikel vakblad
Effect of Integrating Regulating Power Markets of Northern Europe on Total Balancing Costs overige publicaties
Effect of tumor resection on the characteristics of functional brain networks artikel vakblad
Effectiveness of performance indicators and process control in Dutch rail transport artikel vakblad
Effectiviteit van het Nederlandse spoorvervoer kritisch beschouwd - zonder gemeenschappelijk doel is het lastig samenwerken artikel vakblad
Effects of Flow-based Market Coupling for the CWE region artikel vakblad
Efficient frontier analysis of Dutch public transport tendering; a first analysis overige publicaties
Efficient implementation of serial multi-agent model predictive control by parallelization artikel vakblad
Efficient integration of variable renewables and controllable loads: is it possible with current EU electricity market design? overige publicaties
Efficient stated choice experiments for estimating nested logit models artikel vakblad
Electric power system static state estimation through Kalman filtering and load forecasting artikel vakblad
Electricity And Gas Supply Network Unbundling In Germany, Great Britain And The Netherlands And The Law Of The European Union: A Comparison proefschrift
Electricity without borders; The need for cross-border transmission proefschrift
Elicitation of situated values: need for tools to help stakeholders and designers to reflect and communicate wetenschappelijk artikel
Eliciting Conceptual Models to Support Interdisciplinary Research artikel vakblad
Emergence of modular structure in a large-scale brain network with interactions between dynamics and connectivity artikel vakblad
Emergent information security in critical infrastructures artikel vakblad
Empirical Findings on Critical Infrastructure Dependencies artikel vakblad
Empirical findings on European critical infrastructure dependencies artikel vakblad
Energizing the future - Case of Dutch energy system artikel vakblad
Enhancing ABM into an inevitable tool for policy analysis wetenschappelijk artikel
Enhancing Generation Adequacy in Regional Electricity Markets: the Effectiveness of the Forward Capacity Mechanism vs. the Energy-Only Approach overige publicaties
Enhancing the Reliability and Security of Urban Water Infrastructures through Intelligent Monitoring, Assessment, and Optimization hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Entflechtung auf den europäischen Strommärkten: Stand der Debatte artikel vakblad
Epidemics in Networks - Modeling, Optimization and Security Games proefschrift
Ethical requirements for reconfigurable sensor technology -- a challenge for value sensitive design wetenschappelijk artikel
Europe's Flawed Carbon-Trading System A CO2 tax would be a more effective way to reduce emissions artikel vakblad
European Electricity Market Integration, An analysis of the European governance dynamics artikel vakblad
European Energy Market Liberalisation And Inegration: An Assesment Of The New EU Energy Package artikel vakblad
European Governance Modes - An Empirical Analysis of the European Power Industry Framework artikel vakblad
European short-term electricity market designs under high penetration of wind power proefschrift
Evaluation of infrastructure planning approaches: An analogy with medicine artikel vakblad
Evolutionary Innovation Systems of Low Carbon Electricity; Insights about institutional change and innovation in the cases of CHP and wind energy artikel vakblad
Experience-based exploration of complex energy systems artikel vakblad
Experiencing complexity: a gaming approach for understanding infrastructure systems proefschrift
Expert opinions on the future of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (FADAS) artikel vakblad
Experts and European Transport Integration 1945-1958 artikel vakblad
Explaining different regulatory approaches towards gas infrastructure expansion artikel vakblad
Exploratory Analysis to Support Real Options Analysis: An Example from Electricity Infrastructure Investment artikel vakblad
Exploratory MCDA for Handling Deep Uncertainties: The case of Intelligent Speed Adaptation Implementation artikel vakblad
Exploratory modeling and analysis: A promising method to deal with deep uncertainty proefschrift
Exploratory Modeling to Support Multi-Criteria Analysis to Cope With the Uncertainties in Implementing ISA artikel vakblad
Exploring design scenarios for large scale implementation of electric vehicles; the Schiphol Case artikel vakblad
Exploring multiple levels of barriers to becoming a stakeholder firm: The case of a Dutch distribution system operator overige publicaties
Exploring the Design Space of Balancing Services Markets- A Theoretical Framework overige publicaties
Exploring the rationale behind broadband roll out - a quantitative analysis artikel vakblad
Facilitating Interdisciplinary Modelling of Complex Problems artikel vakblad
Factors affecting the design and performance of electricity markets of developing countries: exploring the diverse influences overige publicaties
Fast model predictive control for urban road networks via MILP artikel vakblad
Financing the replacement of the energy infrastructures artikel vakblad
First experiences with tendering at the tactical level (service design) in Dutch public transport artikel vakblad
Flexibility and broadband evolution artikel vakblad
Flexible Coproduction of Hydrogen and Power Using Internal Reforming Solid Oxide Fuel Cells System artikel vakblad
Flow Based Activation of Reserves in the Nordic Power System overige publicaties
Fostering Climate Resilient Electricity Infrastructures proefschrift
Framing flexibility: Theorising and data mining to develop a useful definition of flexibility and related concepts artikel vakblad
From clouds to hailstorms: a policy and administrative science perspective on safeguarding public values in networked infrastructures artikel vakblad
From natural gas to hydrogen via the Wobbe index: The role of standardized gateways in sustainable infrastructure transitions wetenschappelijk artikel
From problems to protocols:Towards a negotiation handbook wetenschappelijk artikel
Future Electricity Market Interoperability of a Multi-agent Model of the Smart Grid artikel vakblad
General Business Anthropology artikel vakblad
Generation adequacy: Helping the market do its job artikel vakblad
Gerechtigkeit, Verantwortung und kooperatives Handeln artikel vakblad
Global Mechanisms to Create Energy Efficient and low-carbon infrastructures: An Indian perspective overige publicaties
Governance of flexible mobile service platforms artikel vakblad
Governance Structures of Free/Open Source Software Development. Examining the role of modular product design as a governance mechanism in the FreeBSD Project proefschrift
Governing mobile service innovation in co-evolving value networks proefschrift
Governing Risks in the European Critical Electricity Infrastructure hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Graph Spectra for Complex Networks artikel vakblad
Handling Disruptions in Supply Chains: An Integrated Framework and and Agent-based Model proefschrift
Harmonization and integration of national balancing markets in Europe - Regulatory challenges artikel vakblad
Het complexe netwerk van onze hersenen artikel vakblad
Het verband tussen liberalisering en publieke waarden. over de vraag waarom het kan vriezen en dooien artikel vakblad
Heterogenous protection in regular and complete bi-partite networks artikel vakblad
Hierarchical route control in DCV-based baggage handling systems artikel vakblad
High-reliability bandwidth management in large technical systems: Findings and implications of two case studies artikel vakblad
How adequate is the European legal regime for investments in electricity networks? hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
How serious are serious games, some lessons from Infra games artikel vakblad
How to Define the Condition of an Infrastructure for Different Asset Management Purposes? artikel vakblad
How to Design a (Liberalized) Electricity Industry in the Light of the Relevant Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects? overige publicaties
How Will the New EU Energy Legislation Affect Investments in Infrastructure? overige publicaties
Hub-and-spoke networks in container-on-barge transport artikel vakblad
Hybrid electricity markets: the problem of explaining different patterns of restructuring artikel vakblad
Hybrid model predictive control using time-instant optimization for the Rhine-Meuse Delta overige publicaties
ICT in the Water Sector: Distance Reading of Meters and Organizational Impact artikel vakblad
Identifying and quantifying the indirect benefits of broadband networks: a bottom-up approach. overige publicaties
IJzeren regels geen waarborg voor spoorwegveiligheid artikel vakblad
Images of cooperation: a methodological exploration in energy networks proefschrift
Impact of CO2 Emission-Trading on Power Generation Portfolio Development artikel vakblad
Impact of large scale wind integration on power system balancing artikel vakblad
Impact of large scale wind integration on power system balancing overige publicaties
Impact of privacy concerns on consumers' acceptance of smart metering in the Netherlands artikel vakblad
Impacts of road pricing on network travel time reliability: a preliminary analysis artikel vakblad
Impairment-aware Path Selection and Regenerator Placement in Translucent Optical Networks overige publicaties
Implementation of the Hogan, Rosellón, and Vogelsang (HRV) incentive mechanism into the InTraGas model artikel vakblad
Implications of an uncertain future for port planning artikel vakblad
Improvement of the production process of leached optical fibers in a technological and organizational context artikel vakblad
Improving Economic Efficiency of Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructue Development by Contractual Flexibilty Analysis in a Higly Uncertain Context artikel vakblad
Improving European Gas Infrastructure Regulation: Lessons from Theory and Practice artikel vakblad
Improving real-time train dispatching: models, algorithms and applications proefschrift
Improving service reliability in urban public transport networks overige publicaties
Improving Trust Valuation for File Sharing in P2P Networks overige publicaties
Increasing capacity and safety on Dutch rail network - a human factors approach artikel vakblad
Increasing penetration of renewable and distributed electricity generation and the need for different network regulation artikel vakblad
Industrial Ecology 2.0. wetenschappelijk artikel
Influence of Assortativity and Degree-preserving Rewiring on the Spectra of Networks artikel vakblad
Influence of Road Pricing on Network Reliability overige publicaties
Influence of the network structure on robustness artikel vakblad
Information Security Assurance in Critical Infrastructures: Smart Metering Case artikel vakblad
Information security implementation difficulties in critical infrastructures: Smart metering case overige publicaties
Information use in Dutch sewer asset management artikel vakblad
Infrastructural Europeanism, or the project of building Europe on infrastructures: an introduction artikel vakblad
Infrastructure Flexibility created by Standardised Gateways: The Cases of XML and the ISO Container artikel vakblad
Infrastructure modelling 2.0. wetenschappelijk artikel
Infrastructure planning and land allocation in the Port of Rotterdam: a gaming simulation approach artikel vakblad
Infrastructuur laat zich steeds moeilijker doorgronden overige publicaties
Innovative contracting practices in the road sector: Cross-national lessons in dealing with opportunistic behaviour artikel vakblad
Innovative contracting practices in the road sector: Cross-national lessons in dealing with opportunistic behaviour. proefschrift
Innovative contracts in road infrastructure in Finland and the Netherlands overige publicaties
Institutional and technological change in the modernization of the electricity network artikel vakblad
Institutional design for complex technological systems artikel vakblad
Integrated Conceptual Design of a Robust and Reliable Waste-Heat District Heating System wetenschappelijk artikel
Integrated cost and quality benchmarking for electricity distribution using DEA wetenschappelijk artikel
Integrated Power System Balancing in Northern Europe - Models and Case Studies proefschrift
Integrating Cyber Attacks within Fault Trees artikel vakblad
Integrating Information Security Requirements in Critical Infrastructures: Smart Metering Case wetenschappelijk artikel
Integrating Life Cycle Analysis with Agent Based Modeling: Deciding on Bio-Electricity artikel vakblad
Integrating sustainability in Risk Based Asset Management artikel vakblad
Integration of Life Cycle Assessment Into Agent-Based Modeling, Toward Informed Decisions on Evolving Infrastructure Systems artikel vakblad
Integration of Regulating Power Markets in Northern Europe proefschrift
Integration of societal outage cost into infrastructure design and maintenance optimisation artikel vakblad
Integration of the Central West European Electricity Market. A Discussion in the Light of the Third European Legislative Package artikel vakblad
Intelligent Complexity in Internet Addressing Schemes artikel vakblad
Intelligent Infrastructures wetenschappelijk boek
Intemet Security and Networked Govemance in Intemational Relations wetenschappelijk artikel
Interconnection investment in Europe, Optimizing capacity from a private or a public perspective? artikel vakblad
Interconnectors as Gateways to the European Electricity Market artikel vakblad
Interdependencies at the Strategic Asset Management Level: A System Analysis of the Utility Sector. artikel vakblad
Intermodal barge transport: network design, nodes and competitiveness proefschrift
Internet governance: the role of transnational networks overige publicaties
Interpreting transnational infrastructure vulnerability: European blackout and the historical dynamics of transnational electricity governance artikel vakblad
Intersections of Space and Organization: Spatial Design and Organization Development in two Megaprojects artikel vakblad
Intertwining uncertainty analysis and decision-making about drinking water infrastructure proefschrift
Introducing public-private partnerships for metropolitan subways in China artikel vakblad
Introduction in: Securing Electricity Supply in the Cyber Age. Exploring the Risks of Information and Communication Technology in Tomorrow's Electricity Infrastructure artikel vakblad
Introduction of Renewable Energy Sources in Brazil: An agent-based specification based on causal loop analysis overige publicaties
Introduction of Renewable Energy Sources in Brazil: Lessons to be learned from the Brazilian case artikel vakblad
Introduction to Planning in Multiagent Systems artikel vakblad
Introduction, Flexible infrastructures for uncertain futures artikel vakblad
Inverse Infrastructures (II), Coordination in self-organizing systems artikel vakblad
Inverse Stackelberg Games And Their Application To Bilevel Optimal Toll Design Problem artikel vakblad
Inverse Stackelberg Games versus Adverse-Selection Principal-Agent Model Theory artikel vakblad
Investigation on Economic Feasibility of Maintenance Strategies under Regulatory Restrictions artikel vakblad
Investigations towards the Upgrading of Existing 10kV Cables and Accessories to an Operating Voltage of 20kV artikel vakblad
Investing in new public transport buses – decision making in the face of uncertainties overige publicaties
Investment Decision Making for Alternative Fuel Public Transport Buses: The Case of Brisbane Transport artikel vakblad
Investment in cross border transmission capacity: Economics or Politics? An European Case Study artikel vakblad
Investment, Unbundling, and Vertical Governance in Electric Power Systems proefschrift
Investment, Unbundling, and Vertical Governance in Energy Markets proefschrift
Invisible trade-offs among public values: inside Dutch Railways artikel vakblad
ISA Implementation and Uncertainty: A Literature Review and Expert Elicitation Study. Accident Analysis and Prevention artikel vakblad
Kapitalkosten und Kraftwerksinvestitionen bei zunehmender Einspeisung aus erneuerbaren Energien - Die Diskussion um Kapazitätsmärkte artikel vakblad
Ketenomkering bij Essent Netwerk Noord artikel vakblad
Key variables in cost-driven decisions on installing micro-CHP in households overige publicaties
Knowledge management for multi- and crossdisciplinary research projects artikel vakblad
Languages and Wikipedia: Cultural evolution increases structure overige publicaties
Layered Information Representation artikel vakblad
Learning in Single- Versus Multiplayer Games: The More the Merrier? artikel vakblad
Least-cost model predictive control of residential energy resources when applying mCHP overige publicaties
Legal and Economic Aspects of Ownership Unbundling in the EU artikel vakblad
Legal Design of Smart Rules and Regimes: Regulating Innovation. wetenschappelijk artikel
Liberalisation and Internationalisation of the European Electricity Supply System hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Life Prediction for Epoxy Resin Insulated Transformer Windings through Accelerated Aging Tests artikel vakblad
Local Agent-based Self-stabilisation in Global Resource Utilisation artikel vakblad
Long term infrastructure risk management: problems in the use of the net present value criterion overige publicaties
Long Term optimization of asset replacement in energy infrastructures artikel vakblad
Macroscopic Modeling Framework Unifying Kinematic Wave Modeling and Three-Phase Traffic Theory artikel vakblad
Made to measure but not well fitted: water sector liberalization artikel vakblad
Making a success of FTTH. Learning from case studies in Europe wetenschappelijk artikel
Making Sense of Open Data – From Raw Data to Actionable Insight proefschrift
Management as system synchronization: A complexity-informed analysis of the Dutch A2 Passageway Maastricht project artikel vakblad
Management of complex underground construction projects hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Managing change orders and claims artikel vakblad
Managing infrastructure performance. An empirical study on the use of performance management systems in two network industries artikel vakblad
Managing Public Values in Public-Private Networks: A Comparative Study of Innovative Public Infrastructure Projects artikel vakblad
Mandatory long-term contracts for renewable energy: the best of both worlds? overige publicaties
Mango Mandi: Supply Chain Simulation overige publicaties
Market mechanism of smart grids: Multi-agent model and interoperability overige publicaties
Market-based support schemes for renewable energy sources proefschrift
Maximising the worth of nascent networks artikel vakblad
Maximising the worth of nascent networks wetenschappelijk artikel
Measuring safety in gas distribution systems artikel vakblad
Measuring Solidarity in Agent-Based Models of Resource Sharing Situations artikel vakblad
MEDUSA - Survivable information security in critical infrastructures proefschrift
Merchant Interconnectors in the European Electricity System artikel vakblad
Merchant Transmission Investment in Europe, Opportunities for Private Initiatives in a Regulated Market Segment artikel vakblad
Metering, intelligent enough for smart grids? hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Methanol-based Industrial Cluster Design. A Study of Design Options and the Design Process artikel vakblad
Methods to account for values in humancentered computing artikel vakblad
Microgrid with Agents: the DSM Mechanism of a Promising Model for Future Grid artikel vakblad
MIRT is niet vanzelf sneller en slimmer artikel vakblad
Mitigating the increased profitability of the power producers due to the European Emissions Trading Scheme artikel vakblad
Model based decision support for creation and operation of sustainable infrastructure artikel vakblad
Model Factory for Socio-Technical Infrastructure Systems. In: Intelligent Infrastructures hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Model Predictive Control for Residential Energy Resources Using a Mixed-Logical Dynamic Model artikel vakblad
Model Predictive Control of Fuel Cell Micro Cogeneration Systems artikel vakblad
Model-based control for throughput optimization of automated flats sorting machines wetenschappelijk artikel
Modeling future cyber-physical energy systems artikel vakblad
Modeling infrastructures as socio-technical systems artikel vakblad
Modeling interdependencies in electricity infrastructure risk. artikel vakblad
Modeling, Sensing, and Control in Future Energy Systems artikel vakblad
Modelling an Electricity Infrastructure as a Multi-Agent System –– Lessons Learnt from Manufacturing Control overige publicaties
Modelling an Integrated Northern European Regulating Power Market Based on a Common Day-Ahead Market overige publicaties
Modelling cooperation in infrastructure networks artikel vakblad
Modelling energy infrastructures: where transition theory meets agent-based modelling artikel vakblad
Modelling infrastructure systems: A hybrid approach for system transition artikel vakblad
Modelling of Balancing Market integration in the Northern European Continent overige publicaties
Modelling prices using the volume in the Norwegian regulating power market overige publicaties
Modelling Risk Control Measures in Railways artikel vakblad
Modelling risk control measures in railways: about misconceptions in driver expectancy and route knowledge overige publicaties
Modelling Risk Control Measures in Railways: Analysing how designers and operators organise safe rail traffic proefschrift
Modelling risk control measures in railways: interviews with Dutch traffic controllers and train drivers hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Modelling the new balancing regime of the natural gas market in the Netherlands overige publicaties
Modernization of electricity networks: Exploring the interrelations between institutions and technology proefschrift
Module-Based Modeling and Stabilization of Electricity Infrastructure artikel vakblad
Module-Based Modeling of Cyber-Physical Power Systems artikel vakblad
More Infrastructure Capacity Per Acre? Methodology to Establish the (Im)Possibilities of Combination of Infrastructures overige publicaties
Multi-agent Coordination for Market Environments artikel vakblad
Multi-agent Coordination in Market Environment for Future Electricity Infrastructure based on Microgrids overige publicaties
Multi-Agent Model Predictive Control For Transportation Networks: Serial versus Parallel Schemes wetenschappelijk artikel
Multi-agent model predictive control for transportation networks: Serial versus parallel schemes overige publicaties
Multi-Agent Model Predictive Control of Transportation Networks artikel vakblad
Multi-agent model predictive control with applications to power networks proefschrift
Multi-agent model predictive control: A survey artikel vakblad
Multi-area control of overlapping areas in power systems for FACTS control artikel vakblad
Multi-criteria analysis for evaluating the impacts of intelligent speed adaptation artikel vakblad
Multi-fuel Syngas Infrastructures in Seaports artikel vakblad
Multi-level Control of Networks, the Case of Road Traffic Control artikel vakblad
Multi-level Reconfigurable Self-organization in Overlay Services proefschrift
Multilateral Mediated Negotiation Protocols with Feedback artikel vakblad
Multilateral Mediated Negotiation Protocols with Feedback overige publicaties
National design and multi-national integration of balancing markets proefschrift
Nego: A conceptual model to reflect on negotiations in public policy development artikel vakblad
Network impacts and cost savings of controlled ev charging wetenschappelijk artikel
Network reliability-based optimal toll design overige publicaties
Network reliability-based optimal toll design wetenschappelijk artikel
Networked reliability: institutional fragmentation and the reliability of service provision in critical infrastructures proefschrift
New Perspectives on Inverse Infrastructures artikel vakblad
New perspectives on investment in infrastructures professioneel boek
Nuance in het marktwerkingdebat: Een enquêteonderzoek naar de perceptie van marktwerking in vier sectoren. wetenschappelijk artikel
Nuances of benchmarking agent-based and equation-based models of an oil refinery supply chain artikel vakblad
Obligations to Enforce Prohibitions: On the Adequacy of Security Policy overige publicaties
Off the Beaten Track with Free Ranging AGVs overige publicaties
Omgaan met vele publieke belangen tegelijkertijd in de uitvoering van infrastructuursectoren overige publicaties
On European Electricity Market Liberalization: A Game Theoretic Approach artikel vakblad
On Stackelberg and Inverse Stackelberg Games & Their Applications in the Optimal Toll Design Problem, the Energy Markets Liberalization Problem, and in the Theory and Incentives proefschrift
On the Conceptual Design of Large-scale Process & Energy Infrastructure Systems, Integrating Flexibility, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Economics (FRAME) Performance Metrics proefschrift
On the development of agent-based models for infrastructure evolution wetenschappelijk artikel
On the development of Agent-Based Models for infrastructure evolution overige publicaties
On the impact of CO2 emission-trading on power generation emissions artikel vakblad
On the relationships between complexity, critical realism, and qualitative comparative analysis artikel vakblad
On the Robustness of Complex Networks by Using the Algebraic Connectivity artikel vakblad
Onderzoeksvragen in India waar TNM-ers slechts van durfden dromen overige publicaties
Op weg naar bruikbare regulering, Recht der Werkelijkheid artikel vakblad
Opportunistic behavior and its use in road maintenance markets. Applying gaming-simulation to explore its consequences across time artikel vakblad
Opportunities to improve container barge handling in the port of Rotterdam from a transport network perspective artikel vakblad
Optimal Charge Control of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Deregulated Electricity Markets overige publicaties
Optimal Toll Design Problem in Dynamic Traffic Networks - with Joint Route and Departure Time Choice artikel vakblad
Optimal wind farm bids under different balancing market arrangements overige publicaties
Optimization of network protection against virus spread artikel vakblad
Optimization of the Operation of Infrastructures artikel vakblad
Optimizing the Location of Intermodal Freight Hubs: An Overview of the Agent Based Modelling Approach wetenschappelijk artikel
Options for real options - Dealing with uncertainty in investment decisions for electricity networks artikel vakblad
Organizational coping with multiple public values. Case: the Dutch Railways artikel vakblad
Organizational Spaces. Rematerializing the Workaday World artikel vakblad
Organizing reflexivity in designed change: the ethnoventionist approach artikel vakblad
Outliers or frontrunners? Exploring the (self-) governance of community-owned renewable en-ergy with cases from Scotland and the Netherlands hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Overheidsbijdragen aan infrastructuur: gerechtvaardigde ondersteuning of onrechtmatige staatssteun? artikel vakblad
Ownership Unbundling and Constitutional Conflict: A Typical German Debate? artikel vakblad
Ownership Unbundling in Electricity Distribution: The Case of the Netherlands artikel vakblad
Pandemics and networks: the case of the Mexican flu artikel vakblad
Performance Analysis of a Multi-Plant Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Enterprise using an Agent-based Model artikel vakblad
Performance Data and Measurement artikel vakblad
Phenomena in inverse Stackelberg games, part 1: static problems, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications artikel vakblad
Phenomena in inverse Stackelberg games, part 2: dynamic problems artikel vakblad
Planning under Uncertainty for Coordinating Infrastructural Maintenance overige publicaties
Playing apart together: Are simulation and e-learning a strong partnership? artikel vakblad
Points of view from a logical perspective artikel vakblad
Portfolio Planning part 2, Making it work artikel vakblad
Portfolio Planning part 3: Making it work artikel vakblad
Possible Effects of Balancing Market Integration on Performance of the Individual Markets overige publicaties
Post: over brievenbussen en bezorging hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Power grids vulnerability: a complex network approach artikel vakblad
Power harvesting for smart sensor networks in monitoring water distribution system artikel vakblad
Power play: simulating the interrelations between an electricity market and a CO2 market in an on-line game artikel vakblad
Practices of Collaboration of Public and Private Partners in the Panama Canal Expansion Program artikel vakblad
Predictive route control for automated baggage handling systems using mixed-integer linear programming artikel vakblad
Prestaties afspreken doe je zo! Lessen over outputsturing in acht sectoren. professioneel boek
Prioritizing investment. The value of portfolio decisions in electricity infrastructure management overige publicaties
Productiviteitstrends in de drinkwatersector. Een empirische studie naar het effect van regulering op de productiviteitsontwikkeling tussen 1985 en 2010. overige publicaties
Protecting against network infections: A game theoretic perspective artikel vakblad
Protection of the Dutch Critical Infrastructures artikel vakblad
Public Service Obligations: How to Realize Their Potential in the European Energy Industry overige publicaties
Public Values in River Basin Management artikel vakblad
Public values in the energy sector: economic perspectives artikel vakblad
Publieksvriendelijk’ versnellen van innovatie in netwerksectoren. Een exploratie van wetstechnische mogelijkheden ter bevordering van innovatie in de telecomsector, met behoud van de bescherming van publieke belangen proefschrift
Pursuing interactive decision-making to improve trade-offs in infrastructure projects artikel vakblad
Pushing European power transmission: private investment in priority interconnections? artikel vakblad
Pushing European power transmission: private investment in priority interconnections? hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Quality of Service Routing in the Internet. Theory, Complexity and Algorithms proefschrift
Quality Regulation of Electricity Distribution Companies: Is Everything under Control? hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Re-use of an ontology for modelling urban energy systems artikel vakblad
Real Time Scheduling of Batch Systems, using Petri Nets and Linear Logic wetenschappelijk artikel
Recycling industrial waste heat for sustainable district heating: a multi-actor perspective artikel vakblad
Recycling industrial waste heat for sustainable district heating: a multi-actor perspective artikel vakblad
Reducing Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructures – Methodological Manual artikel vakblad
Regeldruk, een blinde vlek van onderhandelend wetgeven professioneel boek
Regional regulation as a new form of telecom sector governance: the interactions with technological socio-economic systems and market performance proefschrift
Regulated vs. Merchant Transmisison Investment hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Regulating beyond price, integrated price-quality regulation for electricity distribution networks proefschrift
Regulating Technological Innovation through Informal International Law: The Excercise of International Public Authority by Transnational Actors wetenschappelijk artikel
Regulation and performance in Dutch network sectors. An empirical analysis of the effects of regulation on productivity development from 1985 to 2011. wetenschappelijk artikel
Regulation and Regulatory Risk in the Face of Large Transmission Investment artikel vakblad
Regulation beyond price : integrated price-quality regulation for electricity distribution networks artikel vakblad
Regulation in Splendid Isolation: A Framework to Promote Effective and Efficient Performance of the Electricity Industry in Small Isolated Monopoly Systems proefschrift
Regulation of gas infrastructure expansion proefschrift
Regulatory mode decision-making in the European process of electricty market integration artikel vakblad
Regulatory road maps for the optimal integration of intermittent RES-E/DG in electricity systems artikel vakblad
Relevance of voltage control, grid reconfiguration and adaptive protection in smart grids and genetic algorithm as an optimization tool in achieving their control objectives overige publicaties
Reliability in the gas distribution infrastructure artikel vakblad
Reliability in Urban Public Transport Network Assessment and Design proefschrift
Reliability management & coping with competing values. Case: unreliable surface water supply in the Netherlands artikel vakblad
Reliability-based Dynamic Network Design with Stochastic Networks proefschrift
Rematerializing Megaprojects A Social-Material Study of Organizational Development in two Megaprojects artikel vakblad
Renewable energy and responsive demand: do we need congestion management in the distribution grid? wetenschappelijk artikel
Requirements Specification and Modeling Through SysML overige publicaties
Research in engineering design: the role of mathematical theory and empirical evidence hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Research on water leakage prediction of urban water supply network based on grey GM (0, N) model artikel vakblad
Research on water supply pipeline failure consequence assessment model artikel vakblad
Reservation of Transmission Capacity for the Exchange of Regulating Resources in Northern Europe: Is There A Benefit? overige publicaties
Reserve requirements and price spikes in multinational power markets artikel vakblad
Responsive Traffic Signals Designed with Petri nets overige publicaties
Reviewing the role of stakeholders in operational research: opportunities for group model building overige publicaties
Revisiting tfie Roberts-Levin Patient Dropout Model artikel vakblad
Revitalizing Techno-anarchists and Cyberpunks. Organizational transformation of internet service provider IPX artikel vakblad
Rewarding instead of charging road users: a model case study investigating effects on traffic conditions wetenschappelijk artikel
Risk and uncertainty in infrastructure project management; When heuristics cannot provide manageability overige publicaties
Risk Management and Paradoxical Situations in Modern Supply Chains artikel vakblad
Risky business artikel vakblad
Road Incidents and Network Dynamics: Effects on driving behaviour and traffic congestion proefschrift
Road Roles, using Gaming Simulation as Decision Technique for Future Asset Management Practices overige publicaties
Road Traffic Signals Modeling and Analysis with Petri nets and Linear Logic overige publicaties
Robust Conceptual Design of a Residual Industrial Waste-Heat District Heating System artikel vakblad
Robust control design for frequency regulation in power systems with high wind penetration artikel vakblad
Robust Control of Traffic Networks under Uncertain Conditions artikel vakblad
Robustness and Optimization of Complex Networks: Spectral analysis, Modeling and Algorithms proefschrift
Roles and Responsibilities in Smart Grids: A Country Comparison wetenschappelijk artikel
Safety Management and Risk Modelling in Aviation - The challenge of quantifying management influences proefschrift
Saturation-induced instability in electric power systems artikel vakblad
Scripting Transitions: A framework to analyze structural changes in socio-technical systems proefschrift
Second Maasvlakte, practice, planning and design through simulation-gaming artikel vakblad
Securing Electricity Supply in the Cyber Age. Exploring the Risks of Information and Communication Technology in Tomorrow's Electricity Infrastructure artikel vakblad
Securing the public interest in electricity generation markets. The myths of the invisible hand and the copper plate proefschrift
Serious Games and 'Simulation Based E-Learning' for Infrastructure Management artikel vakblad
Service design in competitive tendering in the Netherlands; shifts between autorities and operators artikel vakblad
Serving the interests of multiple stakeholders: integrating conceptual approaches and real-world applications wetenschappelijk artikel
Shedding light on the black hole: the roll-out of broadband access networks by private operators proefschrift
SimPort: a multiplayer management game framework artikel vakblad
Simulating Energy Transitions proefschrift
Simulating the Operational Control of Free Ranging AGVs artikel vakblad
Simulation Services to Estimate Rail Infrastructure Capacity overige publicaties
Situational Construction of Dutch – Indian Cultural Differences in Global IT Projects artikel vakblad
Smart charging of electric vehicles: Opportunity or threat for distribution grids? wetenschappelijk artikel
Smart grids as a challenge to the current European electricity market design overige publicaties
Smart Grids, where Energy meets Intelligence – invited speaker artikel vakblad
Smart Heat and Power: Utilizing the Flexibility of Micro Cogeneration proefschrift
Smart Metering for the Future Energy Systems artikel vakblad
Social and Cyber Factors Interacting over the Infrastructures: A MAS Framework for Security Analysis artikel vakblad
Socio-Technical Complexity in Energy Infrastructures - Conceptual Framework to Study the Impact of Domestic Level overige publicaties
Solving the dynamic optimal toll design problem with second-best-flow-dependent tolling: Neural Networks Approach artikel vakblad
Specification of system-of-systems for policymaking in the energy sector artikel vakblad
Spectral Graph Analysis of Modularity and Asssortativ artikel vakblad
Spectral perturbation and reconstructability of complex networks artikel vakblad
Spectrum Trading in the United Kingdom: Considering Market-Based Liberalization from Two Perspectives proefschrift
Spelen met complexiteit: Serious Gaming voor besluitvorming over ruimtelijke infrastructuren artikel vakblad
Spelend Leren in Virtuele Werelden - Bouwstenen voor online gaming in het hoger onderwijs artikel vakblad
Splitsingswet dient algemeen belang overige publicaties
Sprintstad promofilmpje overige publicaties
Sprintstad Update Nº 1 artikel vakblad
Sprintstad Update Nº 2 artikel vakblad
Sprintstad Update Nº 3 overige publicaties
Sprintstad Update Nº 5 artikel vakblad
Stability and performance analysis of an irrigation channel with distributed control wetenschappelijk artikel
Stackelberg and Inverse Stackelberg games applied to the optimal toll design problem with reliability-based user equilibrium artikel vakblad
Stackelberg games approach in road pricing problem artikel vakblad
Stackelberg versus inverse Stackelberg games in the dynamic bilevel optimal toll design problem, Which approach provides more efficient tolling? artikel vakblad
Stackelberg versus inverse Stackelberg games in the dynamic optimal toll design problem: which approach provides more efficient tolling? artikel vakblad
Standard-compliant, but incompatible?! artikel vakblad
Standards in transitions: catalyzing infrastructure change artikel vakblad
Standards in transitions: Catalyzing infrastructure change artikel vakblad
Strategic actor behavior and innovative regulatory regimes in network industries. What Simulation games can tell about long term effects of alternative regulatory models artikel vakblad
Strategic Behavior and Regulatory Styles in the Netherlands Energy Industry proefschrift
Strategic Behavior in the Liberalized Electricity Sectors: Game Theoretical Formal Modeling in Policy Analysis proefschrift
Strategic Behaviour in Network Industries. wetenschappelijk boek
Strategies for Safeguarding Public Values in Liberalized Utility Sectors artikel vakblad
Strategisch gedrag in netwerksectoren artikel vakblad
Strategy Bias and Public Value Creation in the North-West European Infrastructure Industry, An empirical analysis artikel vakblad
Strategy Decision Making Behavior in Private Infrastructure Companies and the Achievement of Public Values – An Empirical Research Comparison hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Strategy-Proof Contract Auctions and the Role of Ties artikel vakblad
Structure-preserving Dynamical Modul and Distributed Stabilization of Electricity Infrastructures with Renewable Energy Resources artikel vakblad
Structuring Socio-Technical Complexity In Infrastructure Systems: The Biogas System overige publicaties
Structuring Socio-technical Complexity; Modelling Agent Systems Using Institutional Analysis proefschrift
Supervisory hybrid model predictive control for voltage stability of power networks artikel vakblad
Supporting the electricity network operator in the allocation process artikel vakblad
Survivable Impairment-Aware Traffic Grooming artikel vakblad
Sweet Memories: The Laupahoehoe Train Museum, Hawai'I artikel vakblad
Switched system optimal control: An application to buck-boost converter artikel vakblad
System and Actor Perspectives on Sociotechnical Systems artikel vakblad
System Impacts of Electric Vehicle Charging in an Evolving Market Environment overige publicaties
System Impacts of Electric Vehicle Charging in an Evolving Market Environment overige publicaties
System of Systems Perspectives on Infrastructures artikel vakblad
Tackling challenges in infrastructure operation and control: cross-sectoral learning for process and infrastructure engineers artikel vakblad
Tackling challenges in infrastructure operation and control: Cross-sectoral learning for process and infrastructure engineers artikel vakblad
Technical Issues in the Water Sector: The Criticality of System Management artikel vakblad
Tensions in water management: Dutch tradition and European policy artikel vakblad
Terminals and the competitiveness of container barge transport artikel vakblad
The Case of State Funding of Energy Infrastructure. overige publicaties
The challenges of building a risk based Asset Management organisation artikel vakblad
The Dynamic Regulatory Process towards a Single European Electricity Market artikel vakblad
The ecology of metals proefschrift
The effects of multi-temporal electricity markets on short- and long-term bidding artikel vakblad
The Enemy Within: System Complexity and Organizational Surprises hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
The evolution of Brazil’s Electricity Market: From textbook to long term contracts artikel vakblad
The evolution of tactical tendering in the Netherlands artikel vakblad
The Fierce Domain - Conflicts in Cyberspace 1986-2012 hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
The Flexible Port proefschrift
The future of intermodal freight transport: Operations, Design and Policy artikel vakblad
The Human factor in Asset Management Process development artikel vakblad
The impact of bioenergy - The case of the Dutch Paper& Board Industry artikel vakblad
The Impact of Controlled Electric Vehicle Charging on Residential Low Voltage Networks artikel vakblad
The Impact of Different Unbundling Scenarios on Concentration and Wholesale Prices in Energy Markets overige publicaties
The Impact of Different Unbundling Scenarios on Concentration and Wholesale Prices in Energy Markets artikel vakblad
The impact of electricity market design upon investment under uncertainty: The effectiveness of capacity mechanisms artikel vakblad
The impact of electricity market design upon investment under uncertainty: The effectiveness of capacity mechanisms artikel vakblad
The impact of innovative contracting on asset management of public overige publicaties
The impact of microgeneration upon the Dutch balancing market artikel vakblad
The Impact of Technical Characteristics of Network Industries upon the Governance of Infrastructure Adequacy hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
The impact of the policy mix on service innovation. The formative and growth phases of the sectoral innovation system for Internet video services in the Netherlands proefschrift
The INFRASTRATEGO game: An Evaluation of Strategic Behavior and Regulatory Models in a Liberalizing Electricity Market artikel vakblad
The Internet bubble - the impact on the development path of the telecommunications sector proefschrift
The Interplay between Objectives of the European Union's Energy Policy: The Case of State Funding of Energy Infrastructure artikel vakblad
The Laplacian Spectrum of Complex Networks overige publicaties
The macroscopic fundamental diagram used for control using subnetwork accumulation wetenschappelijk artikel
The more the merrier? Learning in single vs. multiplayer games artikel vakblad
The new EU approach to sector regulation in the network infrastructure industries proefschrift
The Open Source Society and its Enemies wetenschappelijk artikel
The Operation and Evolution of Infrastructures in One Model - The Role of Agent-Based Modelling overige publicaties
The Operation and Evolution of Infrastructures: The Role of Agent-Based Modeling and Decision Making wetenschappelijk artikel
The Power of Electric Vehicles; Exploring the Value of Flexible Electricity Demand in a Multi-actor Context proefschrift
The Princess in the Castle: Challenging Serious Game Play for Integrated Policy Analysis and Planning. proefschrift
The pros and cons of Confucian values in infrastructure development proefschrift
The regulation of electricity transmission networks and its impact on governance artikel vakblad
The role of power exchanges for the creation of a single European electricity market: market design and market regulation proefschrift
The Standardized Container: Gateway Technologies in Cargo Transportation artikel vakblad
The state of Asset Management at infrastructures in the Netherlands overige publicaties
The unlikely emergence of Next Generation Networks in the Light of prevailing Telecom Regulation. wetenschappelijk artikel
The use of monitoring information in policy-oriented learning: insights from two cases in coastal management artikel vakblad
The usefulness of game theory as a method for policy evaluation artikel vakblad
The Value of IT for Virtual Power Plants with Micro Cogeneration Systems artikel vakblad
The weight and hopcount of the shortest path in the complete graph with exponential weights artikel vakblad
Timing of Markets- the Key Variable in Design of Ancillary Service Markets for Power Reserves overige publicaties
Toasters in the Technium: Heroic isn't Good Enough artikel vakblad
Tools for Managing Interdependencies among Critical Infrastructures in Planning Major or Large-Scale Events artikel vakblad
Towards a Single European Electricity Market - A Structured Approach for Regulatory Mode Decision-making proefschrift
Towards a trustworthy short-range mobile payment system artikel vakblad
Towards integrating water prediction and control technology artikel vakblad
Towards Playful Organizations: How online gamers organize themselves (and what other organizations can learn from them). proefschrift
Towards The Assessment of Policy Impacts on System Transitions in Energy artikel vakblad
Trade offs versus Safety first. How national differences in flood policy can be bridged artikel vakblad
Traffic control and intelligent vehicle highway systems: A survey wetenschappelijk artikel
Trans-European Network Development and Governance in Historical Perspective artikel vakblad
Transferring standards: lessons from GSM-R in the railway sector overige publicaties
Transit-Oriented Development in China: How can it be planned in complex urban systems? proefschrift
Transition Management in Energy: Design and Evaluate Transitions with a Suitable Simulation Framework artikel vakblad
Transition of energy infrastructure systems: Towards a framework for assessing the system transition process artikel vakblad
Transition to renewable energy sources: Some lessons of the Brazilian case artikel vakblad
Transnational infrastructure vulnerability: The historical shaping of the 2006 European “Blackout” artikel vakblad
Transport Infrastructure Slot Allocation proefschrift
Transportation Modelling for Regional Evacuations proefschrift
Trapped in a web of competing values. Sector: Rail industry artikel vakblad
Travel Time Reliability during Evacuation: The Impact of Heterogeneous Driving Behavior wetenschappelijk artikel
Treating socio-technical systems as engineering systems: some conceptual problems artikel vakblad
Trends in Emission Standards and its Implications for Bus Fleet Management: Technology Assessment for Brisbane Transport artikel vakblad
Two conceptions of technical malfunction artikel vakblad
Two-stage PV power system with improved throughput and utility control capability artikel vakblad
Ufe prediction of a fullscale transformer winding insulation through statistical analysis of AC voltage endurance test data artikel vakblad
Uncertainties in the Design and Operation of Distributed Energy Resources: The Case of Micro-CHP Systems artikel vakblad
Understanding ambiguously structured rail traffic control practices artikel vakblad
Understanding and shaping the evolution of sustainable large-scale socio-technical systems towards a framework for action oriented industrial ecology hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Understanding complex infrastructure systems by playing games: Is it possible? artikel vakblad
Understanding Complex Infrastructure Systems: the Case of SimPort-MV2 artikel vakblad
Understanding open source communities: an organizational perspective proefschrift
Understanding Socio-technical Change. A System-Network-Agent Approach proefschrift
Universal Darwinism in greenhouses: Proof of concept using an agent based model artikel vakblad
Unlocking fixed broadband uptake in the Italian market. Policy lessons from case studies. overige publicaties
Unsettling users. Openness and the rise of inverse infrastructures artikel vakblad
Update - Sprintstad #1 artikel vakblad
Usage, Usability, and Utility of 3D City Models wetenschappelijk artikel
User Requirements Modelling and Analysis of Software-intensive Systems artikel vakblad
Using Gilbert networks to reveal uncertainty in the planning of multi-user infrastructures artikel vakblad
Using Gilbert networks to reveal uncertainty in the planning of multi-user infrastructures overige publicaties
Using Institutional Frameworks to Conceptualize Agent-based Models of Socio-technical Systems overige publicaties
Using Legislative Theory to improve Law and Developments Projects wetenschappelijk artikel
Using qualitative comparative analysis as a complexity-informed tool to evaluate public projects. artikel vakblad
Utilities deregulation and simulation artikel vakblad
Van bloedgroep olie naar bloedgroep syngas artikel vakblad
Veilig regelen van railverkeer - de functies van beveiliging artikel vakblad
Veilig regelen van railverkeer - de huidige invulling van functies overige publicaties
Veilige en doeltreffende sturing van het railverkeersproces - een literatuuronderzoek van zes relevante kennisgebieden overige publicaties
Veiligheid verwaterd? Een narratieve analyse van Nederlands en Duits hoogwaterbeleid artikel vakblad
Verantwoordelijkheid en infrastructurele voorzieningen artikel vakblad
Verkenning naar de voorzienings- en leveringszekerheid van de Nederlandse gasvoorziening in de periode tot 2020 artikel vakblad
Verslaafd aan gas uit vreemde bodem overige publicaties
Vertical Economies and the Costs of Separating Electricity Supply – A Review of Theoretical and Empirical Literature artikel vakblad
Vertical Economies of Scope in Electricity Supply – Analysing the Costs of Ownership Unbundling proefschrift
Virus spread in complete bi-partite graphs artikel vakblad
Virus Spread in Networks artikel vakblad
Waarom de waterschappen (niet) moeten worden opgeheven artikel vakblad
Wat leert ons de zelfregulering voor doelregelgeving? artikel vakblad
Water distribution network real-time simulation based on SCADA system using OPC communication artikel vakblad
Waterschappen en de borging van publieke waarden artikel vakblad
Weg met de Waterschappen? artikel vakblad
Wegen door Brussel proefschrift
What makes governance networks work? A fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis of 14 Dutch spatial planning projects artikel vakblad
When failure is not an option: managing complex technologies under intensifying interdependencies hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Why is intelligent technology alone not an intelligent solution? artikel vakblad
Why performance of Dutch railways suffers from deficiencies in the operational process control - a discussion paper for the NGI advanced course - artikel vakblad
Wie en wat bepaalt de inhoud van de wet? hoofdstuk in wetenschappelijk boek
Will they fly? PPPs and the ultrafast broadband initiative wetenschappelijk artikel

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