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road roles, using gaming simulation as decision technique for future asset management practices

Road Roles, using Gaming Simulation as Decision Technique for Future Asset Management Practices
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Altamirano M.A.; P.M. Herder and M.J. de Jong: Road Roles, using Gaming Simulation as Decision Technique for Future Asset Management Practices, pp. 2297-2302. In: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, 12-15 Oct. (2008). At: Beijing, China. [s.l.]: IEEE, 2008. Eds. Geok-Soon Hing. ISBN: 978-1-4244-2384-2. International Proceeding (refereed)

Monica Altamirano
Paulien Herder
Martin de Jong
Vincent Marchau
Anish Patil

Countries around the world are experimenting with innovative contractual arrangements for the procurement of construction, maintenance and operation of roads. This has meant a shift from the traditional setting where many of the works were still done in-house, to the present mix of innovative practices that grant contractors more design freedom. It remains uncertain what will be the effect of this new freedom granted to contractors for the achievement of public values taking into account that these practices seem to increase the room for opportunistic behavior. In order to investigate these questions a role play/social simulation called Road Roles has been developed. The present paper summarizes and explains the mains steps within design process of Road Roles and the lesson learned so far. The insights from the patterns of behavior observed during the game simulation could be of significant influence as to how the management of road infrastructure assets is organized in the future.

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