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information security assurance in critical infrastructures: smart metering case

Information Security Assurance in Critical Infrastructures: Smart Metering Case
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Al Abdulkarim, L.O. and Z. Lukszo: Information Security Assurance in Critical Infrastructures: Smart Metering Case, pp. 1-6. In: Proceedings of the NGInfra-IEEE International Scientific Conference "Building Networks for a Brighter Future", 10-12 November (2008). At: Rotterdam, The Netherlands. [Delft], IEEE, 2008. Eds.: P.M. Herder; P.W. Heijnen and A.Nauta. International Proceeding (Refereed)

Layla Al Abdulkarim
Zofia Lukszo

In recent years the operations of critical infrastructures have witnessed rapid developments in the way these services are being implemented and delivered to consumers. One of the major transformations in these infrastructures is the adaptation of the latest developments in the information and communication technologies, an example of this is Smart Metering in the energy sector. However, to ensure a successful operation of smart metering service, a number of factors must be taken into consideration, one of which is the assurance of metering-related information security. Our goal is this paper is to explore in what ways the information security assurance can be incorporated in the design, operation and maintenance processes of the smart metering infrastructure, and how security policies and models can be shaped to define the roles and information access privileges of the different actors.

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