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a module-based approach to integrating wind energy for guaranteed power system stability

A Module-based Approach to Integrating Wind Energy for Guaranteed Power System Stability
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Xie, L. and M.D. Ilic: A Module-based Approach to Integrating Wind Energy for Guaranteed Power System Stability, pp. 1-6. In: Proceedings of the NGInfra-IEEE International Scientific Conference "Building Networks for a Brighter Future", 10-12 November (2008). At: Rotterdam, The Netherlands. [Delft], IEEE, 2008. Eds.: P.M. Herder; P.W. Heijnen and A.Nauta. International Proceeding (Refereed)


In this paper we present a module-based modeling of electricity infrastructure with special emphasis on the wind energy integration. Each (group of) wind generator(s) is defined as a module and is represented in terms of its local variables and the interconnection variables between the module and the system network. Therefore, it is possible to specify the performance sub-objectives of each module for a given range of variations in interaction variables and to ensure that the local sub-objectives are met through local sensing and actuation. This approach, compared with the present off-line worst-case specification for wind farm integration, provides a systematic means of analyzing the infrastructure dynamics with increasing penetration of wind energy. An interactive cyber-based protocol between the wind farm and the grid could be implemented for operating the system with pre-specified performance. Sufficient conditions on network properties are derived under which this interactive protocol between the transmission networks and the modules converges to a system-wide stable operation. An example is shown to demonstrate the integration of wind farm into the existing system with pre-specified stability performance.

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