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the future of intermodal freight transport: operations, design and policy

The future of intermodal freight transport: Operations, Design and Policy
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Konings, R., H. Priemus, P. Nijkamp, (2008) The future of intermodal freight transport: Operations, Design and Policy, Edward Elgar Publishing, 343 p. Hardback 978 1 84542 238 7 International Edited Book.

Rob Konings

This book explores the great challenge of increasing the scope of intermodal freight transport. The expert contributors provide an overview of the present role of intermodal freight transport, address opportunities to significantly improve current performance, and demonstrate design and modelling tools used to analyse and support this performance. Requirements for the implementation of intermodal innovations are prescribed, and policies needed to improve its competitiveness are outlined.

Contents: Preface Part I: Intermodal Transport Operations Part II: Design and Modelling Part III: Implementation and Policy Index Contributors: F. Bärthel, L. Chatterjee, M. den Hengst, K.-P. Franke, J. Holguín-Veras, A. Jensen, R. Konings, E. Kreutzberger, T.R. Lakshmanan, T. Nemoto, P. Nijkamp, T. Notteboom, R. Paaswell, A. Perl, H. Priemus, P. Rietveld, J. Rijsenbrij, F. Schwarz, B. Stone, E. Taniguchi, D. Tsamboulas, B. Wiegmans, J. Woxenius

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