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congestion management in europe: taking the next step

Congestion Management in Europe: Taking the Next Step
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De Jong, H.M. and R.A. Hakvoort: Congestion Management in Europe: Taking the Next Step, pp. 1-12. In: The Proceedings of the 9th IAEE European Energy Conference : 'Energy Markets ans Sustainability in a Larger Europe', June 10-13 (2007). At: Florence, Italy. [s.l.]: IAEE, 2007. Eds.: C.A. Bollino, E, Curcio and U Farinelli. International Proceeding (Refereed)

Hanneke de Jong

This paper provides a structured overview of the various present alternatives for inter-nation congestion management in Europe. The comprehensive term ‘congestion management’ is eveloped with respect to four components: capacity determination, capacity distribution, capacity assignment and market clearing. Furthermore, the paper distinguishes between (i) individual and coordinated capacity determination, (ii) border-by-border and regionally optimized capacity distribution, (iii) contract-based and flow-based capacity assignment, and between (iv) explicit and integrated market clearing. As flow-based capacity assignment is a much supported but relatively new approach in Europe, the paper concludes by making an inventory of issues which regulatory authorities may want to look into before taking a favourable view of its introduction.

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