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european electricity market integration, an analysis of the european governance dynamics

European Electricity Market Integration, An analysis of the European governance dynamics
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De Jong, H.M. and R.A. Hakvoort: European Electricity Market Integration, An analysis of the European governance dynamics, pp. 1-26. In: Proceedings of the 31st IAEE Intrenational Conference: Bridging Energy Supply and Demand: Logistics, Competition and Environment 18-20 Jun (2008). At: Istanbul, Turkey. Eds.: Gurkan Kumbaroglu. International Proceeding (refereed)

Hanneke de Jong

The continuous search for the ‘appropriate mode of governance’ is a rather inconspicuous factor slowing down the integration of European electricity markets. So far, European policy makers have largely followed a ‘trial and error' approach in order to find the appropriate way to establish the rules and regulations that govern European electricity markets. This paper examines the governance dynamics within the European process of electricity market integration. It discusses the various traditional and new modes of European governance. Furthermore, the most prominent modes of governance onsidering today’s European electricity markets are identified. Based on an analysis of the issuespecific governance dynamics of three key electricity market integration issues % (i) transmission investment, (ii) congestion management, and (iii) market transparency % it is concluded that the development of a structured approach for governance decisions may help and encourage European policy makers to make more informed governance mode decisions.

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