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serious games and 'simulation based e-learning' for infrastructure management

Serious Games and 'Simulation Based E-Learning' for Infrastructure Management
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Mayer, I.S. and G. Bekebrede: Serious Games and 'Simulation Based E-Learning' for Infrastructure Management, pp. 136-151. In: The Future of Learning. Affective and Emotional Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction. (Game-Based and Innovative Learning Approaches) Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2006. Eds. Maja Pivic. ISSN: 1574--4794.

Geertje Bekebrede
Igor Mayer

The authors review the use and usefulness of digital games and simulations for (e-) learning, training and decision & policy support of technological infrastructures, such as ports, container terminals, off shore wind farms etc. The recently established 'serious games initiative' promotes and explores the use of the concepts and technologies of the entertainment, video-gaming and e-learning industries for serious purposes, i.e. higher education, professional and corporate training, policy support and management. Several examples of such applications are presented and three cases that bear relevance for infrastructures, are discussed in more detail: CONTAINERS ADRIFT is a computer-supported simulation-game revolving around the planning and design of an inland container terminal. VENTUM ON LINE is a multi-user on-line role playing game that revolves around the planning and design of an off shore wind farm. SIM MV2 is an animated and network based simulation game commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam to explore and support the planning and design of its second harbour area (2nd Maasvlakte).

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