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measuring safety in gas distribution systems

Measuring safety in gas distribution systems
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Wijnia, Y.C. and R. J. M. Hermkens: Measuring safety in gas distribution systems. Presented at First World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (1st WCEAM), 11 - 14 July 2006. At: Australia, Queensland, Gold Coast.

Ype Wijnia

In the Netherlands, the safety of the gas distribution system is a hot issue. The public perception is that the safety of the system is decreasing, whilst the industry thinks that it is business as usual and that neither the number of incidents nor the consequences of incidents are larger than they used to be. Which of the claims is true? To this question there is no objective answer. First of all, no accessible database exists that contains records of all relevant incidents. Secondly, there is no agreed upon method to combine all those incidents into a simple, easy to understand indicator of safety. In this paper we first explore the theoretical framework for such an indicator. Combining this framework with actual incident data will result in a quantitative model. Finally, we present the results of the quantitative model. The paper ends with an outlook for the application of the indicator in the quality regulation of the Dutch gas distribution companies.

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