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agent-based decision support for failure-prone networked infrastructures

Agent-based decision support for failure-prone networked infrastructures
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Van Dam, K.H.; Z. Lukszo and R. Srinivasan: Agent-based decision support for failure-prone networked infrastructures, pp. 323-339. In: International Journal of Critical Infrastructures, Vol. 5, No. 4 (2009). ISSN: (Print): 1475-3219 - ISSN: (Online): 1741-8038. International Journal (refereed)

Koen van Dam
Zofia Lukszo

The operation of existing infrastructures is often inefficient and subject to failures. When a failure occurs, various stakeholders need to make decisions that are specific to the failure type and bear little resemblance to decisions faced during normal operation. In this work, we demonstrate a model-based approach to making rational decisions in such situations. Agent-based models serve as a suitable paradigm for modelling complex sociotechnical systems. Given the broad similarities between different networked infrastructure systems, an ontology has been developed as the foundation for a 'model factory' for such systems. A specific application of this model factory to a refinery supply chain system is described. Further, the use of this simulation model for decision support to manage an abnormal situation in the supply chain is reported.

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