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model factory for socio-technical infrastructure systems. in: intelligent infrastructures

Model Factory for Socio-Technical Infrastructure Systems. In: Intelligent Infrastructures
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Van Dam, K.H. and Z. Lukszo: Model Factory for Socio-Technical Infrastructure Systems. In: Intelligent Infrastructures, Chapter 2. Eds. R.R. Negenborn; Z. Lukszo and H. Hellendoorn. Series: Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, Vol. 42, 2010, XXXII, pp. 529. ISBN: 978-90-481-3597-4. International Bookchapter

Koen van Dam
Zofia Lukszo

Decision makers often rely on models and simulations for support in the decision making process. Using insights gained this way, better-informed decisions can be made. Model makers design and build models that can be used to test different scenarios and to gain insight in the possible consequences and results of possible actions using simulations. This chapter presents a “model factory” for socio-technical infrastructure systems, which can be used to set up new models of infrastructures by following a number of modeling steps and re-using already existing building blocks from other models. The approach is demonstrated here through application to two case studies: a decision problem for the location of an intermodal freight hub and disturbance management in an oil refinery supply chain, both inspired by the real-life problems. Application of the framework by others confirms that it is widely applicable in various infrastructure domains. Based on these results and the literature study it can be concluded that the presented “model factory” is clearly rewarding for new application for Intelligent Infrastructures problems and strategic decision making.

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