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considering alternative multinational balancing market designs for europe

Considering Alternative Multinational Balancing Market Designs for Europe
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Van der Veen, R.A.C.; A. Abbasy and R.A. Hakvoort: Considering Alternative Multinational Balancing Market Designs for Europe, pp. 1-5. In: Proceedings of the 2009 World Congress on Power and Energy Engineering, 5-8 October 2009, Cairo (Egypt)

Reinier van der Veen

Balancing markets are institutional arrangements that establish market-based balance management in liberalized power markets. In Europe, they are predominantly national, but consideration of balancing market integration is increasing. In this paper, the authors take an institutional perspective on balancing market design and integration for Europe. They present eight main designs for regional, integrated balancing markets, which are called 'Multinational Balancing Market (MBM) designs'. These main designs are explained, followed by an in-depth elaboration on the main differences in costs and benefits. It is concluded that decision-makers should consider alternative MBM designs separately, as the high-level design choices have a major impact on the effects of balancing market integration.

For a copy of this paper, please contact Reinier van Veen.

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