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strategy bias and public value creation in the north-west european infrastructure industry, an empirical analysis

Strategy Bias and Public Value Creation in the North-West European Infrastructure Industry, An empirical analysis
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Veen, Casper van der, Peer Ederer, Fabienne Fortanier, Alexandra Rotileanu and Bob de Wit: Strategy Bias and Public Value Creation in the North-West European Infrastructure Industry, An empirical analysis, pp. 99. Report written under the authority of the Next Generation Infrastructures Foundation. Rotterdam: Strategy Academy, 2006.

Casper van der Veen

Infrastructure industries are particularly important generators of public values for the overall functioning of the economy as well as the provision of benefits to its citizens. Regulators and policy makers are therefore rightly concerned with setting rules under which infrastructure companies are operating, that will guard and increase the achievement of public values. The following analysis addresses whether the strategic biases of infrastructure companies, i.e. their internal patterns of decision making behavior, bear a relationship with the achievement of public values or not. If so, then it would be in the public interest to influence or favor certain strategies over others. The analysis investigated 42 companies in four different infrastructure industries in five countries, as to whether there is a relationship with three different kind of strategic biases on the achievement of five different public values. Out of the 15 possible combinations (three biases x five values), the statistical query yielded that there are three distinctive relationships, while the other 12 are not significant. Both types of findings are important, in that the three relationships that were found both confirm as well as put into doubt several regulatory practices in the infrastructure industry. Likewise, many other regulatory practices that imply an impact of strategy bias on public value are not confirmed since a relationship could not be determined.

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