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organizational spaces. rematerializing the workaday world

Organizational Spaces. Rematerializing the Workaday World
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Van Marrewijk, A.H. and Yanow, D. (eds.) (2010). Organizational Spaces. Rematerializing the Workaday World. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishers. ISBN-13: 978-1848446502

Alfons van Marrewijk

This insightful book poses interesting theoretical and methodological questions for the processes of spatial design and the treatment of workspaces in organizational settings of various kinds. The contributors expertly answer the need for practical field research on spatial settings and materiality in organizations of various sorts. Organizational Spaces explores a wide range of interfaces between built spaces and organizational actors, including the ways the former can potentially affect and shape the behaviours and acts of employees at all levels, as well as clients, other visitors and onlookers. Using innovative interpretive methods, the book provides detailed empirical and theoretical analyses of field research that focus on the meanings that organizational spaces can communicate to multiple audiences. Scholars and graduate students in the areas of organizational culture, cultural change and intervention in organizations, international business, design sciences, as well as in organizational studies more broadly, should not be without this important and highly original resource.

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