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developing a maturity model for infrastructural asset management

Developing a maturity model for infrastructural asset management
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Volker, Leentje, Telli van der Lei & Andreas Ligtvoet: Developing a maturity model for infrastructural asset management systems, pp. 1-24. In: Proceedings of the InfraDay 2011: The 10th Conference on Applied Infrastructure Research, Oct. 7th- Oct. 8th (2011) At: Berlin, Germany

Telli van der Lei
Andreas Ligtvoet
Leentje Volker

Since World War II many new structures have been built in infrastructure. Now, some 50 or 60 years later, we see a steady increase in maintenance expenditure, which clashes with the need to limit governmental spending. To assist in the professionalization of the institutional asset management processes, maturity models can be used. In this paper we compare some of the existing maturity models and discuss the characteristics of the models currently applied to analyse the maturity level of organizations. We differentiate between four forms of the models: the conceptual maturity model, the maturity matrix, the maturity check, and the maturity roadmap. We show how the different models can be seen as a maturity development process where the different forms of the models are represented. We state that most of the maturity models developed in domains like software development and manufacturing are not suitable for public infrastructure management. We present the development of our infrastructure management maturity model (IM³) by using a case of a Dutch highway agency. In the conclusion we reflect on the potential impact of infrastructure maturity models for the professionalization of asset intensive organisations in infrastructure.

Asset Life Cycle Management
Asset Management Platform
Cooperation in socio-technical systems as a response to uncertainty in energy supply
Dynamic contracting in infrastructures

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