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an agent-based model to support negotiation-based order acceptance in a multi-plant enterprise

An Agent-Based Model to Support Negotiation-Based Order Acceptance in a Multi-Plant Enterprise
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Mobini, Zahra; Behzad Behdani; Zofia Lukszo and Margot Weijnen: An Agent-Based Model to Support Negotiation-Based Order Acceptance in a Multi-Plant Enterprise, pp. 1-6. In: proceedings of the The 2011 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (IEEE SMC 2011), 9-12 October 2011. At: Anchorage, Alaska USA.

Behzad Behdani
Zofia Lukszo
Margot Weijnen

Order acceptance decisions have a significant influence on the short- and long-term performance of a firm. Firms, therefore, should make complex order acceptance decisions with regard to their organizational goals in an effective way. Models are called for to provide insight for decision-makers in developing proper strategies for order acceptance. This paper presents an agent-based model to support order acceptance decisions in a multi-plant enterprise, particularly incorporating buyer-seller negotiations. The negotiation process is conceptualized in three phases, pre-negotiation, negotiation, and post-negotiation, taking into account salient viewpoints on making order acceptance decisions. The conceptualization and the developed model not only provide valuable insights into the nature of negotiation in a supply chain setting, but also contribute to the understanding of strategy development for order acceptance.

Abnormal Situation Management in Industrial Networks and Supply Chains

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